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Kaplan Advantage

Kaplan's online TOEFL prep is designed for busy people who want affordable, step-by-step guidance in a self-taught environment. 24/7 on demand video instruction at your fingertips makes our Self Paced course the most flexible option out there.

How it works >

What can Kaplan offer? That's easy: not only do we provide 6 months of online access to course materials, you will also benefit from our Essay Evaluation service and receive feedback and support from native English-speaking teachers.

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Kaplan's Self Paced course allows you to study at your own pace over 6 months with 190+ instructor-led video tutorials. Looking for live instruction? Our PLUS option offers all the perks of our Self Paced course PLUS 3 hours of live online tutoring.

TOEFL Self Paced $349

What's included with your TOEFL Self Paced course:

  • Instructor-led mini video sessions - unlimited access for 6 months  including 194 instructor-led videos that are self-paced for maximum flexibility (mobile device enabled)
  • 12+ hours of additional instructor-led video sessions with Kaplan's expert advice and strategies for each section of the exam
  • Realistic testing experience - 4 full-length practice exams to test your knowledge along the way
  • Writing samples - email support from Kaplan teachers as well as essay feedback from the Kaplan Essay-Grading team
  • Study materials - Kaplan course book with over 100 practice questions & exercises. Available as both an e-book or we can ship to you directly (shipping costs dependent on location)
  • Smart Reports Technology - exclusive technology that assesses your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Higher Score Guarantee - score higher on the TOEFL with Kaplan or get your money back! Terms and conditions apply.

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Get the full TOEFL Self Paced course, PLUS live coaching from an expert Kaplan tutor for the speaking section. This package will include:

  • 3 hours of one-on-one live online tutoring - personalised coaching for the speaking section of the exam by a native English-speaking Kaplan instructor
  • Flexibility - once enroled on the course, our academics team will assign you a tutor based on your time and date preferences. All of our online private tutoring takes place via Skype™ so you can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection!
  • Personalized Instruction - we advise that you complete the TOEFL Self Paced course prior to starting your tutoring sessions as this will help both your tutor and yourself to identify the speaking parts you find most difficult. These sessions are designed to help boost your confidence and knowledge of the English language!

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Personalized Instruction Our courses are tailored to suit busy people who want the best guidance from expert native English-speaking teachers.
Adaptive Learning Our adaptive learning technology, Smart Reports®, provides you with customized test and performance feedback based on your individual needs.
Extensive Resources Over 50 hours of instruction through video tutorials and home study material covering all four sections of the test.
Essay Evaluation Submit multiple essays for our team of experts to evaluate and provide feedback, helping you understand writing strengths and weaknesses.
Study Materials Kaplan course book with over 100 practice questions and exercises. Available as both an e-book or we can ship to you directly (shipping costs dependent on location).
Results-Orientated Our unique teaching experience will help you to succeed by allowing you to think like the test-makers.
Flexibility 6 months of unlimited online access which is also mobile-enabled to study on the go from anywhere in the world with internet access!

Don't just take the TOEFL. See where it takes you!

Kaplan can help you achieve the score you need. Here's how:

  • Target your areas of improvement: Our adaptive learning technology, Smart Reports®, identifies your strengths and weaknesses and provides you with customised study recommendations.

  • Extensive content and practice: Guided practice with hints and support, diagnostic tests, full-length practice exams and proven test-taking strategies.

  • Online study centre: You'll receive 6 months' access to our online study center, complete with practice tests, instructor-led video sessions from our native English-speaking teachers, quizzes and more.

  • Flexible study: As all students differ in the pace at which they learn, our Self-Paced courses are tailored so students receive maximium flexibility and study at their own pace.

  • Email support: Receive email support any time, any day from our expert faculty.

  • Higher Score Guarantee*: Score higher on the TOEFL or your money back. It's that simple.

Topics covered as part of the Self-Paced course:
- Fact/Detail Questions
- NOT/EXCEPT Questions
- Vocabulary Questions
- Inference Questions
- Rhetorical Function Questions
- Coherence Questions
- Paraphrasing Questions
- Drag 'n Drop Table Completion
- Drag 'n Drop Summary
- Independent Description Task
- Independent Persuasive Task
- Reading and Conversation Integrated Task
- Reading and Lecture Integrated Task
- Conversation Integrated Task
- Lecture Integrated Task
- Main Idea Questions
- Purpose Questions
- Detail Questions
- Speaker's Attitude Questions
- Rhetorical Function Questions
- Drag 'n Drop - Sequencing Questions
- Content Relationship Questions
- Inference Questions
- Reading and Lecture Task
- Independent Expository/Persuasive Task
You should consider taking the TOEFL if:
  • You are a student from a non-English speaking country looking to study in an English-speaking university
  • You are a student at an ESL institute looking to raise your TOEFL score to graduate or proceed to the next level of English study
  • You are an international student looking to take the TOEFL for certifications or scholarships at English-speaking universities
  • You are mostly confident with your English-speaking skills but are looking for a refresher course